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Europe, one of the most popular tourist destinations across the globe, and has also become the most popular continent to study, especially for students from India, and all over Asian continent. You get to experience the world class education system of Europe and it is generously offering both master’s and bachelor’s education programs, in addition to doctoral study programs and a lot more.


Study in Europe is one of the most popular options for students who want to study abroad. France is an excellent choice for any prospective international student. There are over 3,500 institutes that offer higher education. Out of these, 77 institutes are public-funded universities that offer degrees in all disciplines and research centres, a parallel system of Grandes Ecole’s for scientific, business, art and other programs through 5-year diplomas which are equivalent to Master degree, schools for architecture studies, over 3,000 schools offering degree on various subjects, like hotel management, tourism, engineering, social work and culinary arts, etc.


International students prefer Germany to low tuition fees as compare to the other countries, also they are providing the scholarship to the international students moreover Germany have an affordable living cost as compare to the other countries in Europe. In Germany there are more than 409 institutes across the country, and they are providing each student with the possibility to choose more than 14500 bachelors and master’s program. Germany is one of the most popular countries for international students. More than 12 percent of students at German universities and colleges come from abroad. It is an attractive place to study and experience a unique student life.

Reasons to Study in Europe

Students get to experience living in a bilingual environment that helps to develop their language skills and boost prospects for an interesting career.

Europe is known for fortunate quality of life, with cost of living lower in contrast to other countries. Respect, stability, and safety are provided to every individual and community.

Every student in European continent is provided with an opportunity to settle permanently in various countries after finishing the course successfully.

There are numerous shorter courses with an educational punch. Due to these shortened programs, several universities are inclined to be a lot cheaper than those offered by their counterparts.

People in Europe come from diverse groups with different lifestyles and cultures. Peaceful living and friendliness is always promoted in this continent.

Diplomas or degrees obtained from European colleges or universities are highly valued and acknowledged by companies across the globe. On account of this, Europe is an extremely popular destination for foreign students.

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