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Spoken English & Personality Development

English Speaking has become very important in all spheres of life. Doesn’t matter whether you are a? Student, professional or a housewife, You will be benefited by attending our English Speaking & Personality Development classes. These classes are aimed to improve diction, improve vocabulary, Develop personality and increase confidence to face people in their daily interaction at work or at any other Place. Doctors, lawyers, housewives and businessmen have joined our class to benefit from our courses. Our Institution covers the course in grammar, fluency in speaking and vocabulary and majorly personality Development skills.


We have designed our English Speaking/Personality Development programs for 3 different levels of Students that are Beginners Level, Intermediate Level & Advanced Level.


For students aspiring to improve their skills in applied and vocal English, Grover'z provides special spoken english classes which train students in not only the basics of the language but also key aspects like vocabulary enhancement, pronunciation, expression, fluency, public speaking, spontaneous speaking, group discussions etc. all of which form an important part of attaining control and command over the language. These abilities come in handy for those who are looking for a career in business or overseas as the dynamics of business environment make it imperative to master English as a language. Our specially designed courses allow students to clear their doubts and become proficient in the use of English and enhance their capability by adding a new dimension to their persona.


Spoken English classes at Grover'z Immigration are ideal for students, housewives, business professionals, job seekers and keen learners who are willing to improve their English language skills. Understanding the learning abilities of the students, we have designed Spoken English classes in such a way that students get practice, knowledge and skills. We provide our students practice and an environment where they can converse in English. This removes their hesitation and fear of speaking in public, as a result of which they become confident about speaking in English.

After taking Spoken English classes at Grover'z Immigration, students become confident and independent users of English. If speaking in English is your aim, then come and join Grover'z Immigration in Faridkot. If you have any queries regarding our Spoken English classes feel free to contact us.

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